Saturday, March 22, 2008


(Sundae with a fat belly)

The girls wanted to add to their piggie herd so we rescued this bit of cuteness from a local pet store. She was in a cage with four males. This usually means that the female is pregnant. Which, of course, we found out to be true about two weeks ago. Once you feel babies moving it is just two-three weeks before they arrive so we are looking for babies possibly by next weekend. I think she's only got one in there. Typically first pregnancies are either one or two pigs. She is a chocolate, cream and white, crested satin piggie.

(Sarah helped me build a new C&C cage, C&C stands for Cubes and Coroplast- the materials used, notice who was NOT helping)

(Jasper and Gypsy were keenly interested)

(Sundae will be sharing the cage with Stella, our black peruvian, also rescued from the pet store)

(eating kale for extra calcium)

(Mucho Preggo)

Isn't she just adorable? I can't wait to see what her baby(ies) look like!

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