Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Goings On...

My children have become addicted to Junior Mints. Which is why I had to hide them here, on top of the china cabinet. At least I still have my dark chocolate, they all think it tastes like poison.

I've got the sneezey crud this morning so I'm going to soak in the tub and try not to do a whole lot. My plan was to get my room decluttered enough to start painting on Friday. We have park day tomorrow and that takes up most of the day so I need to do it now. At the very least I'm going to locate all my paint supplies. When I had the paint retinted they told me to pour both gallons together and mix it well since I'd used some out of one of them to do the wall swatches. I've got to hunt down a bucket that's not only big enough but clean enough!

If I end up with some free time, I want to play around with my felting stuff. Over the past several months I've seen a dozen or more cute stuffed owls that are either felt or fabric. I did a small wall hanging last fall that featured an owl and I'd love to do more so I might work on a pattern as well.

Missy Sundae hasn't had her baby(ies) yet. Last year, almost to the week, we had two pregnant sows. Our beloved Luna delivered three babies on March 31st, one was stillborn, and Shimmer(brought home from the pet shop pregnant) had a single baby on April 6th. Luna died on the 7th from a uterine infection caused from the stillbirth. We are praying for a good outcome this time around. Sundae is very young, maybe only three months old, but guinea pigs can breed from four weeks or so. Last night she was dilated about 1/3 of an inch so it won't be long, possibly today, almost surely by Saturday. I haven't checked her today so she might be more dilated by now. For those of you who are thinking that sounds a bit strange, when checking a pig for dilation we aren't talking cervical. It has to do with the space between their pelvic bones. If they are not dilated, the bones feel like the point of a very dull pencil under a layer of fleece, as the bones spread, there will be two pencil points that get farther and farther apart(up to an inch). This can be felt by feeling under their rear ends, totally external!


Karen M. Gibson said...

adultification? is that a word? :)

And TMI on the Guinea pigs!

Seriously, I hope the pigs deliver uneventfully this year.

Chickenbells said...

Thanks for the info on the pigs...I was like, um, how exactly is she doing that?

I love Junior Mints...tell the kids that they use dark chocolate as the shell, that's not milk chocolate you know, maybe that will put them off the mints (hehehe)