Friday, March 28, 2008

Learning and Guinea Piggin'....

For some reason I have a hard time writing about how my children are educated(aka unschooled). I feel the need to describe it with a label and unschooling happens to fit more than any other. Using the word "homeschooling" gives most people the impression that we sit at the kitchen table with workbooks which is totally false so I go with unschooling. But the word is negative and I also have issue because of the word "school", it is telling what we don't do rather than what we are doing. I already intensely dislike the public school system, having traveled through it with open eyes, I don't need a negative label as a constant reminder of it. Classifying learning as something separate from what we do as naturally as breathing, doesn't make sense to me. Teaching, now that is something more tangible. There are many methods of teaching, with supposedly measurable results. But, they don't mean much when it comes to what we "know". Which of these is learning? In 8th grade I was able "learn(memorize)" something for a test but I don't "know" it now. I also "learned" how to crochet a few years ago and I doubt I'll ever forget how. If all my thoughts about learning, unschooling, education, teaching and so forth came out, it would be a flood. I've got loads of stuff inside my head about it but I can't get it out in an orderly fashion. Nobody would understand any of it because I can't sort it out into rational segments. I think it has to do with my personality. I know what I know and that's enough. I don't feel the need to try and convert someone to my way of thinking(haha, ok occasionally I do) so I just go on doing what I do. What I know is that learning takes place ALWAYS, even when we sleep we dream. I learn all sorts of interesting things from my dreams. See? It is hard for me to express! It is life. 'nuff said.

Now for some fun stuff!
***edited to add****
Sarah has been catching lizards for a few days now. They keep biting her. The snake is doing very well. I'm still trying to decide where we'll release him. I've read that they are territorial and I wouldn't want him to get in a fight with other snakes if I put him someplace new. But, I don't want him near that icky netting crap either. He'll be free tomorrow no matter what though.

Here is Sundae running around with golf balls(babies) in her tummy. Their cage is much cleaner today, this film was from last night. It has been 18 days since I first felt them moving so it should be any day now. Sigh. I'm not good at this waiting stuff at all.

And, my current favorite guinea pig movie, besides those starring our pigs.

And for Susan.

(enjoying a snack in their clean room)

(don't ya just love pink?)


Anet said...

I agree on the homeschool labeling thing, I too say we are unschoolers. But I came up with our own family label, I call us 'Earth Learners' Which is just as time consuming to explain. Explain, Explain...
I love the guinea pigs, good luck on the babies! Oh about the snake in the last post, it's very cool of you to help it out. I'm not sure I could, I have this thing about creatures without fur!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

The Llama song is too funny. I Love these silly songs.
I schooled my grandson at home for two years, and we both enjoyed it. I think he learned more in those two years than he has learned in all the other 10. I have many problems with public schools.
Let us know as soon as you have babies--that is, as soon as the piggy has babies.

Carol said...

I completely agree (and get you believe it or not!) on the public school issues! My oldest is in a private school for that very reason. You gave me such a gift with the piggy pictures!!!! Thank you!!!