Tuesday, March 25, 2008

more Easter stuff....

But first, a video of Gypsy diving into a drink box and being attacked by Jasper.

Next, more pictures of our Easter visit to Granny and Papaw's place. My camera was fine with the indoor shots but none of my outside things came out. I was able to make a few of them usable but none of the 56 pictures of azaleas, wisteria and other beautiful flowery goodness came out. This was all there was.

(Ryan making a catch)

(girls posing with Granny)

(Amy walking in the front yard)

(retrieving the frisbee)

(hefting a fallen limb off the carport roof)

(girls enjoying the view from up top)

(Granny's spring table)

(a different angle)

(and a different angle still)


Anet said...

Your kitties are so cute. I remember when my cats played in pop boxes. Now only their heads fit!

She sure is strange! said...

Drat the camera! I can't wait to see the video when I get home (faster internet) Granny really has an eye for color...

(Chickenbells aka Fooleswoode) wrote this and my trigger finger rejected it instead of publishing it so I'm posting it for her.LOL

Sorry Sadira!


Mom2fur said...

Cute pictures! And the video is hysterical. I have 2 cats myself (plus one dog and 2 ferrets). They really are funny sometimes, aren't they? My youngest cat is about 3 and still tries to fit her fat little body into even the smallest boxes.
Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and the advice. My wrist feels somewhat better today, and I think the swelling has gone down. Unfortunately, I can't take ibuprofen because of stomach problems. Too bad, too, because the stuff does wonders for my back pain. But it gave me an ulcer a few years ago, so no Advil et al for me!

RuthieJ said...

Love your LOL Kitteh video!