Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Curtains are hung!

We finished painting a few weeks ago* but hadn't put the room back together since we got busy with the pool liner and other things. Over the weekend I managed to get to Lowe's so I could get a 1/2-inch copper pipe to use as a curtain rod, a few brackets, and a light bulb for the kitchen fixture(which didn't light up so we might have a bigger problem). Anyway, Mark and I put the curtains up last night and here is the result! I'm very pleased but wish I would have measured with the curtains actually on the rod before we cut it. I used a tape measure and it looked like it would work but the curtains actually hang down about an inch inside where I thought they would. It ended up being ok but it would have been better if they were out an inch on either side. Sigh. I'm still searching for finial ideas. I saw some homemade ones out of sculpey(?) clay but I get horrible headaches when that sort of thing is baked in my house. Maybe some glass door knobs or something will come along.

*Except for the trim. We've narrowed it down to either Bistro White or Betsy's Linen(both Valspar colors from Lowe's) It has to work with our paint and the girls' turquoise too since we need to do their room.

(taken from doorway)

My next project is to make some tie-backs for them out of a coordinating fabric. I was thinking of using a cobalt blue, it really sparkles with the green fabric and storm-colored walls. However, with the quilt on the bed having lots of warm golds, red-oranges and purples, I'm going to go with purple. I have lots of scraps left of the quilt border fabric so that's the likely candidate. My plan is to make a tube about 2 inches wide by 7 inches long and put two snaps at the end so I can undo them easily for nighttime.

(taken from bathroom doorway, the paint color is almost dead-on in this pic)

Yes, I need to de-junk-pile again. I'm thinking of getting a piece of tempered glass to fit the top of my dresser. That way I could put doilies and other decorations under it and not have to worry about getting make-up on them or the cats destroying them. That would be a while down the road though.

(taken from corner opposite bathroom, no flash)

(bed wall)

Now for the headboard. I had a vision last night of what I want to do for a headboard. It involves plywood, padding, and a rich red-orange rusty fabric covering(that I have to find). It may not come to be, the cats may end up keeping fabric off the headboard, but I'm hoping they won't. If not, there is another idea I'm exploring. Old window frames with fabric covered panels inserted where the glass goes. Or, if nothing else, I could use paint in the color I want and just do some wooden slats. I don't know for sure but I can't wait to get started on it!

(entire bed wall)

We also have to decide what to do with our shelves. This last picture shows a LOT of wall above the bed and shelves! Wow! Our bed will probably be on risers by the time everything is done but I haven't ordered them yet(no stores in our area sell them). So, do we paint the shelves to match the walls? Paint them in a coordinating color(I'm thinking a deep, almost black plum)? Trade them for something else? What? I have another shelf identical to the blue one(on Mark's side of the bed) so we could get truly symetrical if we wanted to. I like my shelf because it is slightly taller and holds taller books but since I've got my books on the bookcase in the hall, this isn't necessary now. Any input is more than welcome!


Mama Podkayne said...

Finial ideas: vintage hats or teapots. I've seen both work. :)

~Molly~ said...

oooh, hats would be cute! Thanks!

Keetha Broyles said...

I liiiiike the new curtains - - - very light and airy!!!

Chickenbells said...

I'm a symetrical type of gal myself...especially when it comes to decorating. I am loving the new curtains as well...everything is really coming together isn't it?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Love those curtains! Do you want to come help me spruce up our apartment? We've been here 14 months now and I finally hung some personal photos on the living room wall this past month! I hate decorating!! You are doing a great job with your place.