Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well here's a quotable quote!...

Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs. ~Vaclav Havel

I feel like I'm doing a bit of both here. Sometimes all I can do is just stare at steps all over the house! Yesterday was my raw milk run so I was gone a good bit of the morning, til 11 o'clock, actually. Then Ryan had a friend over to spend the night, I was on the phone a lot, the girls wanted to swim, grocery store trip, etc., etc. I got nothing done declutter-wise. I'm trying not to get frustrated by this. I'm ready to step up the stairs but life is getting in the way. Today is homeschool park day and we'll have to take Ryan's guest home at some point. Instead of giving up though, I'm making plans to get back after it on Friday.

(decorated for Halloween)

Currently the fireplace is junked up again. The mantle is decorated for summer now but the hearth is cluttered with quartz and mica rocks, baskets, and some fabric. Not too bad but definitely being used as a storage place. I'd love to have two low-backed comfy chairs to put facing the fireplace for a reading area. May have to search the thrift shops over the weekend.

Here's the living room. The first picture is from our rearranging session last summer, before I painted the hutches. The second is from around Christmas because I see Ryan's arm in a cast from when he broke it. The hutches and loveseat are centered on the wall, unlke the position of the loveseat in the first picture. Its just hard to tell from the angle. The Peace banner(wip) is gone but the horse quilt is still up. There is now a middle shelf on the right-hand hutch. I keep some of my quilting and other craft books on it. The vintage suitcases have old quilts and works-in-progress in them but that corner has become a catch-all for yarn baskets and floor pillows. It is in dire need of a overhaul too.

(China cabinet's current location beside the fireplace)

My goals for the weekend include getting the hearth cleared off and swept, moving the china cabinet to make room for a computer area(and setting that up), dusting all the furniture in the living room, sorting the "pretties" box I have in the dining room(items from the red kitchen carts and the entertainment center), and clearing out the suitcase corner. I hope I'm able to get all of this done!!!

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Anet said...

Love the Halloween fireplace! One of my favorite celebrations! Your home looks very comfey! The girls are so cute in their quinea pie shirts with their pets!
Now don't stress about the clutter there's always another day to get at it!:)