Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Name Meme...

Sadira found this cool name meme at Stiletto Heights. If you want to play along, just substitute your name for mine and google your name + the next word in the sentence(eg your name needs).

Molly needs is a little help from her girlfriends...
(Indeed I do!)

Molly looks like a teenager in this photo…

(because I WAS a teenager in this photo)

Molly does not like to be sprayed by the water hose
(not entirely true, I don't mind if it is on mist and very hot outside)

Molly hates peas!
(not true at all, I love peas!)

(very rarely as we are over 5 hours from a beach)

Molly Loves You! ♥
(yes, yes I do)

Molly eats the fruit and gathers the blackberries
(this has been known to happen)

Molly Has the Luck of the Irish
(I hope so)

Molly died trying to help somebody

Molly will do the big announcement
(we'll see)


Chickenbells said...

Isn't that a fun one? It always makes me giggle to see the things that come up when I google my name...

Anet said...

Fun name meme. I made one too! Thanks Molly!

Jeanne said...

I am still thinking about your post.
It confuses me so I'll read it again.
I'll try it and see what happens.