Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday's Goals...

I met my goals today!!! The living room bookshelf is devoid of books!! I have a few magazines and a bible on my nightstand shelf and that's it! The shelf at the end of the hall is almost completely filled with my books and the two units in the entry hall(our tallest) still have room for a few more books. I need to clean off the tops of each of these things but that can wait til another day. In the end, there were only about 20-25 books to give away. There is a shelf that needs to be redone, it has games, puzzles, flash cards, that sort of thing, and is quite unorganized. I probably would have gotten it all done but I had to pick Ryan up from his camp, along with three friends, take a friend home, stop to let another friend get his swim suit, then stop at the store for hot dogs to feed them for lunch. They swam for a few hours, then I had to take those two friends home. When we got back I took the girls swimming. Whew! I wish I could take a few pictures of one of the friend's grandmother's kitchen. She had her cabinets and walls painted a bright white and the cabinet doors painted a beautiful retro mint green to match the mint green ceramic tile countertops(original to the house). It was gorgeous!!!! In fact, I sat and talked to her for 20 minutes while the boys waited in the car, lol!

This is from last fall, they weren't nearly as bad this time around. Wish I had after pictures but I can't find my camera, or the girls' either. They've been missing for a few days now.***hubby informs me it is on top of the entertainment center, which explains why I can't see it-too high!

(this shelf is to the right of the entry hall and stands almost 5 feet tall)

(this brown shelf is almost as big as the first one but has been relocated to the end of our other hallway so I could put my retro black shelf in its place)

(this shelf has remained clutter free, strangely enough)


Jeanne said...

Molly, You lead a very busy life. I get it, my life with five growing children was mind boggling. I thrived on it at the time. Now one week of grands and I collapse when it's over. Smile!! Thank you so much for all the info on the piggy. We had one when my kids were small, but I remember only one thing. One morning after many months, we found it dead. A tragedy. I am so happy to have your info on the care involved. My two grands that own it, are 12 and 9. Who knows what they know. They were feeling left out at camping, because hey didn't have a pet. How can I refuse. Let's hope it is ok at the end of a week of grands and pets.

Many thanks, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

Molly, I forgot to mention how proud of you I am of you to find books to give away. My husband still has 30 boxes of books to go through since our move. I still have to tackle my closet. Your black shelf is sweet. See, you do have organization!

Jeanne, again

Keetha said...

Oh wow - - - I've gotten BEHIND on your blog!!! I'm having trouble getting all my NORMAL blogging in from the LIBRARY - - - since I spend a lot of the time here doing my own posting. I PROMISE I'll catch up when I get back home in a little over a week.

Thanks for the comments you've left on my vacation posting - - - -