Monday, July 14, 2008


I has them.

(september of last year)

(january of this year)

These piles have been dealt with but there are still others in corners and on most surfaces of my home. The tops of bookshelves seem to be the worst but there is also the fireplace, the red kitchen carts, the vintage suitcases in the corner piled high with baskets of yarn and fabric and vintage tool boxes(among other things), the kitchen bar, etc. I've been thinning and decluttering for months and months, years actually, but they don't seem to be getting much smaller. In reality they are shrinking, I take bags and bags of stuff to Goodwill each month, at least 3-4 large garbage bags each trip. It just seems like the dent isn't as big as it should be by now. I know one thing that would help is another book toss. Earlier this year I gave away at least 2500 books and I could easily find another 500 or so to pass on.

My goal for the rest of the summer is to not only reduce my piles, but to eliminate them completely! By the first day of fall I want to be not only clutter free but have the rest of the stuff organized. Anyone want to join me in a blog-world decluttering movement? Maybe we could post once a week about our progress or something.


Anonymous said...

1st your very brave to show your clutter! 2nd I need to join you, but like you haven't figured out how to really make a real difference (as soon as I clear an area--it becomes the new PILE PLACE) Please continue to share what you figure out works. HUGS Angie

Chickenbells said...

ugh...that is probably a wonderful idea, but the thought of decluttering makes me want to take a long long nap...somewhere clean and uncluttered!

~Molly~ said...

Angie, I know what you mean! That is my experience as well. I KNOW I don't purchase at this alarming rate, I just clear out a space and whatever was shoved in a closet or under a bed seems to migrate to my newly bare surfaces. I will blog about this tomorrow and see what comes of it.


Anonymous said...

My clutter is hidden, but it is everywhere. We moved from 2700 square feet to 1900 and I have way too much stuff. I'll join you for moral support and I will start with my closet. Smile.

I.ll keep you posted with my comments. Misery love's company and when I start organizing, I will be in misery. Smile. I think you have a good start on your clutter.


Anet said...

Awe... I just did a whole lot of decluttering this past weekend I should of took pictures but it wasn't a pretty site! Basement stuff is the worst! yuck!:{ Your lucky not to have one cause that's where all the clutter stuff ends up! Well, I still have my; garage, attic and homeschool area to declutter so maybe I'll join you! After I've rested up a bit!:)

Anonymous said...

I've been working at decluttering for years now, it seems. Right now I'm fighting piles of books and magazines. My goal is not to renew any magazine subscriptions, as they don't get read and they just pile up. So take them to the library and don't renew the subscriptions.

As for books, that's a never ending battle. I gave away hundreds of books a year ago and you could hardly see the dent made. My issue is I hate to just give them away, I want to recoup some of my investment. But unless you have some really choice homeschool material, most books hardly bring enough to cover your time in listing them for sale anywhere. I should just do another massive donation to the public library. Taking the charity donation on my taxes for those books really was worth more than selling them ever would have been!

Missus Wookie said...

Congratulations on posting your clutter.... I've taken photos but never shared them outside a small select group :)

I figure the loss of money on my "investments" of books and supplies means that I am more careful about what I buy and where I spend the money.

Keep going it does get better.... or so I keep telling myself!

A Slice of the Pie said...

July brought a declutter for me in the form of the ex finally moving all of his stuff out. I live in a tiny 2 BR cape cod with a finished attic.

The house has never felt so big! I have some stuff of my own that I've been holding on to though, and I think it's time to let it go. Maybe I'll do a little brain declutter too while I am at it!