Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Believe, or maybe not....

I will start off by saying that the girls and I are huge Cryptozoology enthusiasts. We enjoy documentaries and the new series,
Monsterquest as well. It is exciting and fun to imagine there are critters out there we don't know about.

However, this is something I don't believe in...

Chupacabra is just Spanish for "mangy coydog"(or goat sucker, take your pick).

This is a coydog, can you see the resemblance? Some of my cousins who live in rural Oklahoma had an Australian Cattle Dog. I believe she mated with a coyote to produce this beautiful puppy.

Sadly the pup was killed by a car. When we were there and I took this picture, she NEVER made a fast move, she crept around very silently. Most times puppies are excitable but not Sunshine. She was not afraid at all, she didn't cower, she was stealthy. Absolutely the most calm dog I'd ever seen in my life.

Now, I do NOT believe in that silly chupacabra but I do have faith that Bigfoot exists. Amy and I wanted to go to the conference but we've already planned a camping trip.

The truth is out there.


Anet said...

We enjoy watching Monster Quest also. I like watching Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State.
They did a show on the Moth Man. That was so silly, I don't think for one second the Moth Man is real.

Chickenbells said...

My EX was big into conspiracy theories and all sorts of fun and strange world happenings...We ALWAYS watched the X-Files, and afterwards the news came on with a guy who's name was Jude LaCava (which sounds like Chupicabra, or however you spell it) and a woman that looked like she was related to Big Foot...it was just perfect after all the weirdness on the X-Files!

Jeanne said...

I am not a believer in any of that stuff. I guess you could call me a skeptic. the puppy is very cute. it is so sad that he didn't have a long life.

Take care, Jeanne

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Looked like a coyote to me.