Sunday, August 3, 2008

We are MeLTinG!!!

Literally!! It was 104 today or some such nonsense. Then we noticed that our a/c was acting weird. And, as of 11pm, it is still not working. Frozen up, we let it thaw out, turn it back on and it freezes back up. Any advice? I bet it is 95 in here right now.

I think I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, Tuesday will be 3 weeks with this crud and I fear its a sinus or ear infection that has taken hold. We also have a pool fixer(not the same one) coming to do some repair work on the pipes that lead from the pool to the filter, he'll probably have to replace them.

The girls are at their friend's house tonight, Mark is going to his new job tomorrow and Ryan and I are sick. Never a dull moment.

(Gypsy and Jasper sharing a bag)


Anet said...

I saw on the weather report how hot Texas was, I thought "Poor Molly!" Now your air is not working! ugh!!! Not sure of what to do about it, maybe just run it enough to cool down the house, then turn it off.
Your kitties are so cute! Are the related to each other? Cause they look like they are.

She sure is strange! said...

We ended up leaving it off until 3am. I turned it on and it seems to be working fine now. It might have just gotten too good of a workout yesterday. Our living room/kitchen/garage end of the house doesn't have shade like the bedroom end does and always is 5-10 degrees hotter so we probably had it turned down too low.

Yep, Gypsy and Jasper are brother and sister. They were born on Halloween 2007. He is kinda shy and aloof but she's a real sweetie pie.

Keetha said...

Those cats are funny.

Sorry about your illness AND your heat wave.

In my experience, air conditioners tend to freeze up in really hot weather when they have to keep working and working. All I've ever known to do about it is to let them thaw out and then run them again. Hope you find a BETTER solution than that!

Sarah and Jack said...

When this happened to us it was because we were not cleaning off the outside unit so air couldnt circulate properly. You are supposed to be hosing off the coils on the outdoor unit several times a year. (THis was news to me.) Ours were blocked up with mud and dryer lint.