Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some relief, Finally!!

I went to see the PA at my doctor's office today. Mostly to get my blood pressure meds re-upped but also to have my ear looked at, again. It seems that I have a blocked Eustasian tube. Yippeee! It is causing fluid to build up in my middle ear and put pressure on my ear drum(he said it was very swollen and red). So now I have a nasal steroid to help bring down the swelling which will allow it to drain. Yahoooo! Even better was the fact that I'd lost 6 pounds without even trying! Probably because I'm not eating as much because I've been feeling so bad.

In other news...

I didn't get my furniture moved yet, we were too busy with dinner and relaxing last night. That's ok though, I need to unload the china hutch before we move it anyway. Its raining here today and 68 degrees(yes 68!) so this will be a perfect activity for the rest of the afternoon.

Sarah woke us up at 1:30 this morning throwing up. We are hoping it was just from drainage or from something she ate(too much gum maybe) and not a stomach virus. She's been fine today so we might be in the clear. I hope.


Missus Wookie said...

It's been raining here too - and we didn't get our to do list done either. Yeah, hanging out and relaxing is important, glad you got to!

Hope your new medication works and Sarah feels better soon.

Keetha said...


I LOVE me a really good PA!!!!


Chickenbells said...

Well...I hope that the nose spray solves the problem and you're back to feeling better soon!

groovyoldlady said...

Glad you found help. I too am on the I-feel-like-crap-and -therefore-can't-eat diet. I just got diagnosed with Lyme disease, so the doc put me on an antibiotic that completely removes my appetite and makes me feel like I've punched multiple times in the stomach. It's not pleasant, but it's oh so much better than getting the full blown disease. Oy!

I'm s'posed to be on it for 21 days. Ya think I can eek 10 pounds outa that?