Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Fun Little Meme...

Well, I guess it is a meme. Not the kind you tag someone with. Actually it is more of a checklist, modified from one I found at My Simpler Life, which is one of my favorite inspirational sites. Hmmm, maybe a copout? I don't know. Whatever you choose to see it as, here it is.

What is outside my front door: Heat and dying grass, dirty guinea pig bedding.

What is on my mind: When is this sinus thing going to end?

Things I am thankful for right now: Mark's amazing knack for landing on his feet and hitting the ground running. My parents ability to finance pool repairs(pool fixer guy is coming tomorrow). Not having to think about "back to school" crap. Clever kids who don't give me too much trouble.

What I am reading: Lots and lots of DIY and decorating mags, The Celts, The Two Towers(for about the 40th time).

Goings on inside the house: Decluttering, deep cleaning of bathrooms, fridge and pantry, anticipation of new computer desk(soon, hopefully this weekend we'll find one at a thrift shop).

What I am listening to: Healing Therapy Music.

What I want: A place for a clothes line and a small garden.

Things I'm creating: I'm working on a ripple afghan and creating a cleaner, more restful, peaceful home.

Things from the kitchen: Brownies with toasted pecans, Chinese cabbage slaw, breakfast for dinner.

What I have planned for today: Taking the girls swimming, continued decluttering(housecleaning), laundry, putting beans on to soak.

What I have planned for this week: Park day tomorrow morning, buying some pine shavings for the piggies' bedding, grocery shopping, reading, thrifting, swimming, and relaxing.

Some current favorites: Diet Cherry 7Up, my new blue door, my paint color in the bedroom(now I think it is just perfect), "orange julius" made with Bolthouse Farms "C Boost" and rice milk over lots of ice-yummmm.

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Anet said...

Yum...brownies with pecans...
I ate some butter pecan ice cream last night!