Monday, August 4, 2008

Blue Doors

What is it about a blue door? This one used to be the pinkish-beige color that the trim is but the cats and other animals had weathered it terribly. I mixed the blue from our hutches and the sky blue from the girls' bedroom walls and got this beautiful azure.

(I had to take these at night because during the daylight hours the sun comes in so strong I may as well have painted it black)

(it matches my mantle display too)

We have an odd living room layout. Its a large room with entry, bedroom, back door and dining area entrances all on one half. The other half has a large window, a huge display wall and a smaller wall(broken by the dining entrance). Basically we have 90% of our furniture in the back half of the room. It is more than a little crowded.

(this shows the back half, you can just see the dining room entry to the left of the light switch next to the vacuum cleaner)

(hutches flank the loveseat now centered on the wall, and there are two chairs in the middle of the room-right on the halfway line-you can see these in the second pic of the door)

There is no other practical way to arrange things due to the traffic patterns from the four entrances. Anyway, that's one of the reasons I painted it a dark color, it brings a balance to the side of the room with little furniture. Its has more of a visual presence than when it was the lighter color. That and I love the color.


Anet said...

Lovely blue! It does look nice with your mantle display. It add some great color there!!!

Chickenbells said...

The color is simply wonderful!! It looks like it matches a lot in that room, how fun...

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love your blue door. I want a new front door, but Vann says we can't have one right now because of all the other stuff we're spending money one: siding, new garage doors, Gertrude. Maybe next year.
BTW, Molly, I tagged you for a silly meme. Go read about it on my blog and see if you want to do it.

Keetha said...

The blue door looks GREAT in your room - - - and I love the room too!!!

A Slice of the Pie said...

The blue is awesome. I love the bold contrast it provides. I remember watching Trading Spaces and seeing all the bold colors they used; it was inspiring. Some day I'd like to have a place we could actually paint.