Monday, August 18, 2008

A Most Boring Day

I have done nothing all day. Except try to decide where to put the china hutch. It really would do well in the dining room but there isn't a wall wide enough. The next choice is in our bedroom so I'll get Mark to help me move it there tonight. My desk will go in its vacated space by the fireplace. Oh yeah, I also tore out a few recipes from some old Cooking Light magazines. Most stuff they make uses ingredients I would not typically buy so there are few things I can use. Mark asked if I wanted to renew my Prevention mag and I told him I'd rather have Cooking Light again but after going through 6-7 mags I've decided to not take either of them. And I emptied out two more kitchen drawers, the dreaded "junk drawers". I threw about 1/3 of the junk away but we'll need to sit down and sort the rest of it later. Guess that wasn't nothing afterall, but it was still boring.

Back to desks: I've found a temporary substitute in the form of one of Mark's Texas tables he made early on in his career at JDMedical. At the time they weren't able to afford much office furniture so he built two nice tables and painted their tops with Texas flags. I had been thinking of using one until I find the perfect desk but the one I came across in the garage had the legs taken off. This morning I was out looking it over when I spied the other one, legs intact, on top of some boxes. So, I'll have Mark bring that in for me tonight as well. I may have to blog from the girls' computer until he can get up in the attic to move the cable over to the fireplace wall. YEAH! I'm excited to finally be off the floor!!! Now I can bring in a small chest(after I get it painted) for the microwave to go on which will free up some much needed counter space next to the stove. YEAH!

Speaking of Mark's job... We were talking this weekend about how nice it is to be free from all the stress he had at his old job. Every waking hour he was giving 200% of his mind to that place, even when he wasn't there. It was a losing battle because no matter how much he did(or how fast or how many hours he worked), he could never do all of the stuff that needed done, it was an enormous workload for one person(3 or 4 working at his blazing pace and intensity would be about right). Now when 5pm comes, he walks out the door and doesn't have to think about work again til the next morning. He can finally give attention to things that he barely had time to glance at in the past 2-3 years. He has taken up running again, complete with long and short-term goals. The best thing is that our conversations no longer have to center around the insanity that was his workplace, we've probably spent less than 20 minutes total talking about it since he walked out their doors for the last time. It is exceptional how he has been able to totally switch gears and "recover" from such a stressful situation. I take that as a sign that he was ready for a change.*G* He has become a fun, relaxed person again, it is wonderful!!!

You Are Wintergreen Flavored Gum

You are laid back, low maintenance, and super cool.
You go with the flow, and you never cause too much of a fuss.

You are very in touch with nature and the world around you.
You prefer to keep things simple. Complexity stresses you out.

You are a very real person. Openness and honesty are important to you.
You can be friends with almost anyone, as long as they tell it like it is.


Anet said...

It's good to hear Mark is relaxing with his new job. What a releif it must be!
I use a small round table for my computer desk. Next to my art work space which was made with stuff that the old owner left in the garage, two nice wood drawer cabinets we placed on the floor at each end of a long brand new counter top that we just placed on top of the cabinets. Instant work space and didn't cost a dime!

Jeanne said...

Molly, I hope you solve you furniture problems. My mother moved her furniture all the time. We never knew what she might take a mind to do. I never move mine. Once I decide where to place something, that's it.
Anyway come over to my 100th post and sign up for the give-a-way. smile

Hugs, Jeanne