Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buttercup said, "Yerrrrr're ON!"...

When Buddy tried to steal her favorite forbidden toy.(remember to click to enlarge the pics)

"Yerrrr're Durn Tootin' I'm On!!", he growled right back at her.

"I got the tooooeeeeey, I got the toooooeeeeey!"

"Yep, still got it"

"Uh, you can have it if you want. I'm tired."

In other news...

Mark and Ryan went fishing tonight. We had a rain shower come through so they are thinking it will be a good night for it. Sarah had a birthday party to attend so I rode with Mark to a used tire place to get one for the boat trailer. Then we went by his new office so he could help the driver out with a delivery(Mark did the ticket and inspections and such). This isn't his regular job there but he's in the call rotation so every little bit of experience helps.

In exchange for me "letting" them go fish, Mark set my temporary desk up beside the fireplace in the living room(it is in the place of the glass-front hutch you see in the second picture above). He had to go in the attic to drop the cable down and found out why our kitchen light hasn't been working. It seems a critter decided to taste the wiring and got fried. He didn't see a mark on the wire but there was a burned spot on the insulation in the shape of a critter so that's exactly what happened. Mark's a bit unsure of how to proceed with that sort of wiring.

And, the girls went to their friend's to spend the night and go to church with her in the morning. So, I'm here trying to decide if I want to color my hair, find something on teevee, or play around on the computer. Hmmmm, tough choices. I do have to reload the china hutch though.

Oh yeah, I did a repeat of our spinach, chickpeas and couscous dinner tonight but I left out the garam masala and added onion and garlic powder and a spoonful of Promise(margarine). We loved it both ways, it has proven its versatility!


Jeanne said...

I love the tug of war with the toy. the photos are great. The winner of the toy looks very smug. smile

Hugs, Jeanne

Anet said...

I love the black dogs with the hot pink toy!

Carolyn said...

Aren't Dogs great!