Monday, August 4, 2008

Another One!

I wish I knew how to make it bigger so yall could read it. I copied and pasted a handful of prayers from Interlude Retreat and it came out SO neat! ****edited to add that if you click it you'll get the bigger version.

In other news....

A report from Mark about his new job! They are doing online training and hands-on equipment stuff. He says it is REALLY low-key, so much so that I fear he'll get bored. But, knowing Mark, he'll advance quickly and not be bothered with the management portion for long. For those of you wondering what he is doing now, he is the operations manager of a medical equipment company that leases diagnostic and bariatric equipment to hospitals and other care facilities. This particular location is the top(most active?) in the region and I think they are located in 24 states.

Our A/C is still working just like it is supposed to. I now wonder if the filter was too icky. It hasn't been changed since June so it is definitely due. We haven't heard from the pool fixer guy yet(2:40pm) so I'll probably call him later this afternoon or in the morning. We can still operate the pump but the leak causes it to lose pressure after several hours.

I have started another ripple afghan. This time in "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. My colors are azure, sea foam(a green-blue, lighter version of the azure), celery green, light gray(almost white), black, dark brown, and camel tan(now these are MY names for the colors, I don't have the yarn in front of me to tell you the real names). I'm doing 4 rows of each color except the black. It is too stark so I'm just doing 2 rows of it. The azure matches the color I painted our back door over the weekend. I mixed the dark blue from our hutches and the sky blue wall color from the girls' room and got a beautiful brighter blue. It is gorgeous and really does wonders in tying that side of the room together.(pictures later, hopefully after I get all the paint scraped from the glass inserts).

And lastly, my brother made the painful decision to have his kitty Fluffy Boy Jones put down today. He was very sick, has been for a long, long time. It was the kindest thing to do.

(Fluffy being his cute self- he really was a sweet kitty boy)


Jeanne said...

Molly, the prayer pic is fabulous. I made it bigger and I could see all thr detail. I admire it very much.
You need to change the filter monthly in the summer. Sometimes there re 3 months types. the afghan sounds lovely. You better show it when it is finished.

I loved your newsy comment on my post. I would love to meet you and your mom. Lets plan it when the time gets closer.

I am working om my post for tomorrow. I hope it comes out nice. I truly love blogging.

Love ans hugs, Jeanne

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey molly,

thanks for that link to herbal grace. The stuff I am looking for is nettle based, and see she does have a small nettle article on her website.

The oatmeal did absolutely NOTHING for me. Nada. The arnica is helping some though. The UPS man can not get here soon enough. LOL

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

My sympathy to your brother on the loss of his beautiful kitty.
I hope and the family are well at last. We've been away for a few days, and I'm behind on blog news.