Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yes, this is my 301st blog post and I have absolutely nothing to say. Is that terrible or what? No exciting stuff has gone on since the Yamboree. The house needs cleaned and dinner is still undecided(at 5:15pm, I've no clue, didn't plan).

Kids are zombies watching television and the cats are all fine.

I'm listening to music, waiting for Mark to come home. He's enjoying his new job very much! I'm happy that he's happy and busy.

Laundry needs done but we're out of detergent. Still no dinner plans(5:43, yes it is taking forever to get this written, cat distractions and such). I'm guessing dinner might be pick-up since we must get out for the detergent anyway.

So yep, this is the 301st post and I still have nothing to say. But, I'll leave you with a blast from the past, Halloween-style...


Betts said...

Enjoy the days when nothing happens because it's so much better than when bad things happen.

Anet said...

You look lovely in green! Love the blast from the past photos.

Ruth's Place said...

Great blast from the past photos!

jeanne said...

Molly, I so understand a dry spell. Congratulations on 301 posts. That in itself is something to say. smile.
I love your Halloween pics from the past. You are all so cute. It's too late but when I have a blank for a meal I always fall back on grilled cheese and tomato soup. My dh eats anything though.

I tagged you and what timing, something to do girl. I had fun with it. This should perk you up...or not. LOL.

Hugs, Jeanne