Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homeschooling Life....

Today was park day for us. Then skating. I'm pretty sure I couldn't take more than one skate day per month, its mega-loud in that place. I always come out shaky and today my right ear was stopped up from the music. Park day was nice, as usual, with conversation and the great outdoors. Today was especially nice with cooler temperatures and lots of sunshine. The kids had a blast at both activities but Amy still didn't skate much.

Tomorrow we're headed to a nearby town for THIS delightful field trip with over 100 other homeschooling families. I can't wait!! We are taking our cooler and picnic basket, the weather will be perfect.

When we finally got home late this afternoon, we were greeted by a very tiny, but playful, Tallulah.(those are peanut m&ms and Sarah's size 13 sock feet, the bowl is 4 inches in diameter)

I made pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn for dinner. My gall bladder is not real happy with me. Ugh. Hopefully it will be a passing thing and not a full blown attack. I should know better!


Chickenbells said...

I hope that you made it through without an attack as well...darned food!!

Man...those M&M's look good...

Anet said...

OMG! The fieldtrip rocks!!!!
I wish we could go.
Hehehee! the kitten attack thing is fun for awhile. Harpo is finally settling down now. (He doing great by the way:)
Watch that gall bladder! I had to have mine taken out about six years ago, then I came down with a crap load of food allergies! grrrr.... Have a great time tomorrow!