Monday, October 6, 2008

Cats, Crafts, Clutter, and More...

First, it is really hard to get anything done with this kind of cuteness going on. We are now wondering if Tallulah will end up being a normal Manx cat after all. Her diet of special easily digested kitten food with pumpkin seems to have done the trick as far as her "poops" are concerned. She has not had a problem in two weeks! And, AND!, she can move her tail now!!! We first thought that her nerves had not developed that far down along her spine because she seemed to have no feeling in her stump of a tail and was unable to move it. Yesterday she was raising it in response to being petting down the length of her back. Those of you with cats know the movement that I mean. We are hopeful that she's free of the genetic problems known as Manx Syndrome but it will probably be early next year before we know for sure.

Now. We are finally ready to get down to the business of painting the kitchen soffits and dining room walls. YEEEHAW!! So, in case you haven't followed my blog through my bedroom painting experience, I take forfreakinever to choose a paint color. And then I sometimes get it way wrong. This time though, this time I am not making a hasty decision. I want it to pop and sing but I don't want it to be garish. Which ones do yall like?

My favorite from this shot is the yellow between the rusty red and teal, on the left. It is also the same color that's in the third and forth photo. What is too funny is that each of my kids, at different times and all on their own, suggested that we do the walls in splotches of color just like these. It would look FANTASTIC if you want my opinion, but I don't think certain people would be terribly supportive.

My favorite from this next picture is the harvest gold that is next to the robin's egg blue and again to the extreme right. Unfortunately it looks terrible next to the countertops.

All three of these are great but my favorite is still the mustard yellow. We are probably going to do the kitchen soffits in the rust(a more burnt orange than this one).

I am continuing the decluttering from yesterday. We lazed a bit and I didn't get this finished last night. Actually we didn't cook our fajitas til 8pm and then Mark got a call to deliver something to a nursing home so he had to eat and run. And I just plain old DID NOT FEEL LIKE IT. There. So, it waits for me today. I'll empty all the baskets, boxes and suitcases and bag up what I don't want. Looking on top of the entertainment center, I just noticed almost a dozen more baskets to sort through. Yeah.

I did finish my wet felted balls but I'm not satisfied with these results at all. It didn't work very well the way I did it, they are way too lumpy and holey and lopsided. The first one, from a few weeks ago, was a ball that has been completely needle felted first and I got a perfectly round ball after wet felting. This time I basically draped the felting around and around and rolled it in my hands to form a loose ball. Then I needle felted enough to hold it together. I filled a bucket with hot water and dipped each ball into it, squirted it with dish soap and rolled the ball in my hands like playdoh. I'll stick with the original way I did it.

Ending this post on a high note... IT IS RAINING!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!


Anonymous said...

Molly, go for the bright yellow. I just finished painting our front and backdoors a bright bright marigold.I think it looks great with the new rusty trim on the house.

Betts said...

I can't help with the paint. I am afraid of wall color, and everything I paint is usually ivory, ecru, bone, light beige, cream, parchment and so on.

The balls look great in the photo. Too bad you're not happy with them. We are our own worst critic, aren't we?

Anet said...

Great news for the kitty!
Too many choices of colors!!! But I love gold and red tones. :)
Are your felt balls for the cats to play with? My Harpo just LOVES felted wool cat toys!

Saretta said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one out there with too many pets! :-)

I have had a bit of blog block with that particular blog, so getting a comment from a new person was a helpful boost.

Don't ask me about wall color, I have no imagination that way. I like the felt balls, but also wondered...what are they for, the cat? My cats live outside in the yard and generally play with the lizards!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

I absolutely cannot wet felt without disastrous results. One of the few crafts it is better for me to not even try! LOL

Chickenbells said...

Argh! The balls are soooo cute!!