Sunday, October 12, 2008

Felt Balls and Halloween...

A few days ago I found the perfect place to display my felt balls! This is an old Pepsi carrier that my parents had when I was a bitty girl. I remember it from waaaay back. The fuzzy thing on top is a crocheted bowl out of alpaca boucle and fun fur. Its about big enough for a racquetball to fit in and I use it for jewelry or change.

Now for today's happenings....

(last year's fall mantle)

(garland made from fabric leaves we found at Michael's)

(two packages made three garlands)

(I did this while painting with the girls, craft paint on construction paper with clear glitter)

(this year's fall/halloween mantle- the pumpkin/jack o'lantern is reversible)

(the girls couldn't resist this adorable owl)

(and, thanks to my bloggy friend Susan at Blackberry Creek for posting a picture of her little jack, my Jack now has a beautiful chapeau)


autumnesf said...

Hi Molly!

It's your new friend Autumn! Love the decorations.

Anet said...

I love the felt ball display. It's a piece of art!
Your mantel looks wonderful!

Betts said...

Aren't you just a Martha Stewart in the making?! Both the felt ball display and the mantle are gorgeous.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

i love your decorations, Molly. 'Specially your mantel. You did great with the jack-o-lantern arrangement. See I didn't do mine. I bought it at Michael's already done.

Chickenbells said...

Look at all that fall happening over there!