Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bountiful blessings...

I swear my cats all went to school with this one or something!

more animals

In other news...

The girls are watching a little boy for a friend of mine. They're gonna watch a Star Wars movie to help keep him entertained.

I made a poke cake with lemon cake mix and pineapple jello, can't wait til its cooled off enough to eat!

This is where the blessings come in... Some very cool stuff is going on around here. I can't say more until some things have been decided on(and not just the paint color). Suffice to say, we are excited as all get-out!!

In fact, we are so geeked that we had to have some fun music to dance around the house to...

and this one just because I LOVE the video!

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Betts said...

Ooooo, you tease! Are you going to make me wait days, or what?