Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Seven Things(a meme)...

Borrowed from Backyard Neighbor. You may certainly play along if you'd like!

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. Have lots of fun.
2. Take vacations.
3. See my children grow up and be happy.
4. Own lots more pets(not all at the same time though) including livestock pets.
5. Make many, many more quilts.
6. Learn to machine quilt.
7. Crochet my dream afghan.

Seven Things I Can Do

1. Cook a great dinner.
2. Drive a 5-speed.
3. Put fabrics and/or colors together(good color sense).
4. Organize my homeschool group's park days.
5. Pick good movies.
6. Grocery shop to save money and provide healthy stuff for my family.
7. Decorate our home.

Seven Things I Cannot Do

1. Speak a foreign lauguage.
2. Water ski.
3. Knit well.
4. Tolerate certain personality types.
5. Fake a friendship.
6. Watch reality television.
7. Kill a snake(bad ones included).

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Mister

1. His integrity and honesty.
2. The way he is tenacious.
3. His selflessness.
4. His sense of humor.
5. The enthusiasm he has for life no matter what gets tossed our way.
6. His mad ironing skillz.
7. The way he approaches our marriage as a partnership.

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. Ryyyyyan, will you (do the dishes, feed the dogs, do the litterboxes)?.
2. No.
3. Have a sandwich.
4. Yes, you can.
5. I'll have to talk to dad first.
6. We just bought those(case of cokes, bag of chips) yesterday and they're gone?
7. Has anyone seen my scissors? Sarah??

Seven Celebrity Admiration's(I'm changing this to be artists/celebrities whose work I enjoy)

1. John Candy
2. Garrison Keillor
3. Dawn French
4. Alison Krauss
6. I have to stop at 4 because I don't really admire people for their celebrity status. I enjoy who I enjoy, like who I like, and that's that.

Seven Favorite Foods

1. Homemade bread
2. My chicken fajitas
3. Schlotsky's original sandwich
4. Biscuits and gravy
5. My homemade special spaghetti sauce
6. Apple pie(any homemade)
7. A good loaded green salad

Seven Things I Enjoy(added to take the place of the celebrity part which I failed)

1. Planning my next project.
2. Talking to my kids.
3. Having "alone time" to walk or crochet, or nap or whatever.
4. Riding in the car with my hubby.
5. Cooking meals for my family.
6. Antiques and junk stores.
7. My animals.

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