Friday, October 10, 2008

As Promised, New Hair!

This is 40 hours after washing it, a windy park day, and a loooong walk with the dog this morning. It can look better, trust me! I didn't straighten or blow-dry it, this is just what it does. I'll put better pics up tomorrow probably.

Gypsy with Tallulah on the coffee table last weekend.

In other news....

We are going to finish working on the garage this afternoon, I think. I would love to park some of the unused furniture on the side of the road and see how fast it gets hauled off. I'm also rearranging our bedroom to make it less easy to pile up laundry baskets full of clean stuff. And cooking spaghetti(we had nachos last night instead), an apple dessert of some kind... Lots of busy work going on here today.

OU/Texas is on tomorrow. I'm a Sooner and Mark's a Longhorn. He has the kids brainwashed as well. Sigh.


jeanne said...

Molly it was so nice to read your sweet comment. I am feeling better today and hoping for the best with my knee. I pray the infection is under control. I am so behind in visiting my blogging friends.

Now, I love your haircut. It is cute and sassy. You go girl. Boy I envy your garage cleaning project. Our is a nightmare. lol. I would be just the one to haul off a piece of furniture off the curb. I always have a vision of what something could be. Many times my 'haul' would end up at a thrift store. My dh thinks I am a little crazy. lol.

Your cats are so darned cute. The little one doesn't seem to mind being the under cat. smile.


Betts said...

Thanks for you supportive comment on my post from yesterday.

Love the new do and those Paris Hilton sunglasses. You go, girl! Mark will be chasing you around the house.

Have a great weekend.

Anet said...

Super cute! You and the cats:)

A Slice of the Pie said...

Cute haircut. I've been wanting to get a salon cut, but hesitated because of not using shampoo. Do you let them shampoo you?

Keetha said...

Love the new do - - - it's really you!!! :-)

Chickenbells said...

Love the new haircut...and the glasses are positively svelte!