Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beginning to Look Something Like Christmas....

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Santa is making his way to our house! Hope he brings something fun for the kids! I shopped til I dropped yesterday and have spent all the money so I guess I'm done. There are a few more Santa items I need to get, mostly in the form of chocolate.

I did manage to get one of the six things on my revised list done. I hung the stockings!!! This picture is from 3 years ago. Now they are under the bottom edge, held on by nails and thumbtacks. We take them down when Santa fills them so they won't stretch or break from the weight of the goodies.
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(Mark's, Sarah's, Ryan's, Amy's and Molly's)

My parents are leaving this morning from North Carolina and will be here sometime tomorrow(or late, late tonight if they decide to drive through). Mom was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes so our Christmas menu will have to change slightly to accomodate that. I'm looking forward to having them here and the kids are really excited about it! Which reminds me, my dad gave Ryan his old metal detector last January. We've never assembled or played with it but Ryan asked if we could get it fixed up for a present a few weeks ago.

Last night, or very early this morning I should say, we were awakened by some noise. Neither one of us could place what it was but it was loud and definitely real(not our imagination). After I fell back to sleep I dreamed that we had a ghost and at different times either Mark or I would become possessed by this ghost. There was a phrase we said, in that deep growly "possessed" voice, the same thing each time. I wish I could remember what it was because words in your dreams are supposed to have deep meaning. It was something along the lines of "its my turn to blah, blah, blah", or "I'm going to blah, blah, blah", or some other kind of statement. Man I hope it comes to me, it was a very strange and powerful dream. Dreaming of ghosts or spirits, especially ones that possess, has to do with either something in your subconcious or your concious needing to come out to the surface. Possibly, a part of your personality that is being neglected or repressed, either willfully or not. It typically means a change, a drastic one! We shall see!!!

Oh yeah, I found a new pizza crust recipe! We've tried it twice as "focaccia" but tonight I'm going to roll it out thinner and use it for our pizza. Wish me luck!

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Chickenbells said...

looks like the holidays are in full swing down your way! The crust recipe looks very good...I hope it turns out, although, if you've already tried it, you'll have no problems!!