Monday, December 17, 2007

The Busy-ness Continues....

We've been busy. Busy wrapping, busy shopping, busy cleaning, busy tidying, busy cooking, busy taking care. Self-imposed stress? YES! Most of these things have to be done anyway so they don't count, but there are extra things this time of year that we tell ourselves MUST be done before Christmas, or before the relatives come, or before we do this or that. The good thing, is that for some reason this is not a bad stress for me this time. It will get done, things will fall into place. The mess of laundry will be neatly in the drawers, the mess of yarn will be wound and put in baskets.

Today's busy-ness includes more shopping, more cleaning, some painting, some sorting, a bit of laundry, vacuuming, mopping, crocheting, decluttering, and baking(pumpkin cake I blogged around Thanksgiving)!
~~***UPDATED**~~~ I am 99% done with the shopping part!!! YEEEEHAW!!!

Ryan goes back to the orthopedist tomorrow, early. We'll find out if his arm is healing like it is supposed to and hopefully when he can get his cast off! This weekend was two weeks since the break. The cast doesn't slow Ryan down much at all, he is even still able to play his guitar a little.

After yesterday's pictures, my camera is now back to not uploading pictures but we've figured out that it is my McAfee being incompatible with the camera software. Not sure what to do about it yet, I have the online version of McAfee so it isn't like I can uninstall and reinstall as I like.

Anyway, I have some great pictures of the dogs to share and I CAN'T!! Talk about frustrating! Oh well, I have a ton of other stuff, however boring, to keep me occupied today.

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Chickenbells said...

Oh...the lists grow this time of year don't they? And, you are certainly right...things will get done! And the things that don't? I just shove them under the bed...