Saturday, December 22, 2007


My parents arrived here Wednesday afternoon and the shopping has commenced!!

I'm a homebody kind of person, hate crowds, hate standing in line, hate
shopping, but mom loves it so we go. Thursday we were in
Hobby Lobby and a woman complimented my crocheted purse. Then she
asked my opinion on some yarn and techniques and patterns and so on. I
think I spent 45 minutes exchanging ideas with her, and we traded phone numbers.
We went back yesterday to get some stuff for the girls' christmas and
met a woman who was making a crib set for her grandson(due early January).
Mom and I were helping her with selecting fabrics(a really neat one
with army helicopters on it for the comforter and bumper pads, and a
khaki and a black to do a bedskirt in) and bias tape(she's having it
made and knew nothing about sewing at all).

We spent at least an hour talking to them. Mom told them about
how her quilting friends in North Carolina had made over 40 quilts to
donate to Walter Reed for the soldiers. Supposedly every injured
soldier gets a quilt when they go there. This woman's son has been in
Iraq twice and will go back in 2009. This last time, he had
appendicitis and had to be flown to Germany for surgery and then on to
Walter Reed for recovery or something. He got a quilt! No way to
know if it was one of my mom's group's though. Mom said there is a big
variation in quality of those quilts, some are poorly done.
Anyway, she got their address and is going to make a patriotic quilt for the baby.

Isn't it just neat to run into people like that? I love it!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

What a sweet mom you have. But I'm with you. I hate the crowds and the shopping.

Chickenbells said...

How fun to meet all sorts of new people when you're out and around...better than the grumpy panicked shoppers! Have fun!!