Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aestival/ Of, relating to, or appearing in summer.

This week I'm playing a photo game started by Anet over at Purple Squirrel. Yesterday's word was Aestival. I'll post for today's word this afternoon.***edited to fix link to Anet. Carry on.

Here's what she wrote a few days ago:

I came up with this idea of doing a week of photos depicting the following list of words. I hope others join in this coming week.
Now, I have a little bit of an advantage because I found the words and already know the meanings, but you just have to look them up if you don't know the meanings already. You can find the words at Dictionary.com
One (or as many as you'd like) photo for each day. Be creative and have fun!

Visit her blog for the rest of this week's words and let her know if you're playing along!!

We live in northeast Texas where the summers are typically hot and humid with temperatures in the upper 90s from mid-June through the end of September. Some of our favorite aestival activities include hiking, fishing, swimming, camping, and just being outdoors.


Anet said...

Hey Molly, I'm glad you're playing along! Nice aestival photos. The pool shots look so refreshing! I love the one in your header with the action packed doggie! so cute:)
I'll check back for todays word: Ort

Sharon said...

Looks great, but you can keep your upper 90's! That's pretty warm!