Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A New Meme(because I have no real content)...

(more on these ruffians later)

Borrowed from Knits Galore

1. One person who made me laugh.

My friend Lisa. We met in the 5th grade when we were both new to the same school. That was 30 years ago and she has always had the most acid wit(oh we were just horrible in school)! She's still the most hilarious person I've ever met even though I don't get to see her often. When we run into each other at the grocery store or somewhere, we can sit and gab for hours and just laugh our fool heads off.

2. What was I doing at 0800? What time is that? I know I woke up around 7ish this morning, does that count?

3. What was I doing 30 minutes ago? Eating a snack.

4. What did I do in 2006? Not a whole lot of anything.

5. Last thing I said aloud? Ryan, Vernon can't come pick you up so you aren't going to Willie's house today.

6. Beverages? Yes, frequently when I'm thirsty. Most often, green iced tea.

7. What colour is my hairbrush? Light frosted lilac.

8. Last thing I paid for? Raw milk from our co-op.

9. Where was I last night? Grocery shopping and then home.

10. Front door colour? Very dirty vanilla yellowish. UGLY.

11. Where do I keep my change? Change? What is this "change"?

12. What’s the weather like today? Hot, windy. says, "94, feels like 99".

13. Best ice cream flavour? Peppermint.

14. What excites me? The end of the day!

15. I want to cut my hair? Nope, I'm letting it grow out again.

16. Am I over the age of 25? Slightly.

17. Do I talk a lot? Not often.

18. What colour socks did you wear today? No socks, just shoes.

19. Do I know anyone named Steve? My next-door neighbor goes by Steve but that's really his middle name.

20. Do I make up my own words? All the time.

21. Am I a jealous person? Not at all.

21. Name a friend who starts with the letter A. Amy

22. Name a friend who starts with the letter K. Kathy

23. Who’s the first person on my ‘Received Calls list? We don't have this feature.

24. The last text message I received? I don't have this either, no cell phone.

25. Do I chew on my straw? Alfalfa or timothy?

26. Do I have curly hair? Underneath it is very boingy spiral curls, on top it is stick straight.

27. Where’s the next place I’m going to? Homeschool park day is at 9am tomorrow, hopefully nowhere before then.

28. Who is the rudest person in my life? MIL

29. What was the last thing I ate? Triscuits and laughing cow cheese(french onion).

30. Will I get married in the future? I got married once in the past and still am so I'm guessing not.

31. The best movie I’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? Oh geez, I haven't seen a movie in 2 months, maybe longer! I did see the NG Stonehenge special a few nights ago, fascinating!!

32. Is there anyone you like right now? Yes, most everyone.

33. Why did I answer and post this? Because it is easier than coming up with a post at the moment. I'm lazy today.

In other news...

Mark's job is going at a wildfire pace, he hasn't been home earlier than 8:30 yet this week and likely won't, and he goes in at 6:30am, ugh! One of his drivers is on vacation so he's having to make deliveries and pick-ups. It is crazy!!!! And, they have a potential good thing in the works, can't post more about it yet though. It would be a REAL good thing if it happens, expanding their territory and patient load by a lot. His hand, btw, is doing great! I had him take some Olive Leaf Extract and the next day it was barely swollen. I failed to mention in my post about our trip that he was barbed by a catfish the morning after his accident so it was also potentially infected. Currently it is still sore but only from the bruising.

I have been working hard on divesting myself of more books. I managed to get three shelves worth out to the garage(headed for Goodwill). The kids don't care to read them so there is no sense in hanging onto them. Hopefully I can get this little project overwith by the weekend. It would be nice to get my bedroom painted finally but I don't think it will happen that soon, especially with Mark on call this weekend.

We haven't heard or seen the pool man since May 24th when he brought a sump pump to get the last of the water out. I'm really losing faith in him. It is one thing to be busy, but quite another to not keep a client informed. We have no idea when he might come back to do the repairs or how much extra he will end up having to charge. GRRRR!

We have a potential home for Bevo finally! I advertised him on a local pet exchange list and another homeschool mom answered. She said her daughter has wanted a guinea pig for a long time. I'm even throwing in a cage! I really hated to do this but he's just so mean to his cage mate(whoever it happens to be), he's better off being an only piggie.

Oh, speaking of pets...

The dogs knocked down a section of our rotten privacy fence today. They were running after a squirrel and jumped up on the fence. A whole 8-foot section came down along with the post. Ryan and I took parts of their kennel and fixed it so they can't get back to that area of the yard for now. I have no idea when it might get handled. As long as our neighbor(the one from the meme) doesn't mind waiting we're ok.

Guess that's all, the kids are hounding me for dinner, the little brats.


Chickenbells said...

Make those little beggars cook you something! Are they good cooks? Otherwise, nix that, because you may not like what you get...

Oh, and the cat's vet bill? Was about 5X as much as the ear thing for your kitty. Gulp.

Anet said...

Love this post! It's fun to find out more about you:) Glad Mark's hand is OK. Those dogs are so bad! Chasing squirrels!!! lol
I have the same thing at my house, children expecting meals and all.
My Caleb (16) will ask me at noon "what's for dinner?" Oh, like I'm suppose to know at noon, HA!

Keetha said...

If those are kids books, save your FAVORITES you'll have grandkids before you know it and then you'll WISH you'd saved them - - - - spoken from painful personal experience.