Saturday, June 7, 2008

Goodwill Today...

We had 3 or 4 leaf bags full of clothing, bedding and fabric plus about 100 more books to drop off at Goodwill this morning. Mark was busy fiddling with the boat(actually, one of the trailer tires ruptured!) and he was on call so I decided to take the girls with me for an adventure... and boy was it!

Gypsy is helping me model this lovely twin sheet. It isn't a great picture but the fabric is extra-soft and sweet, probably not all that old though. I was hoping to find some good stuff for our camping mattresses but everything else they had was scratchy and pilled. Not sure what this will be for, maybe a quilt back.

This was my second fabric find, a good-sized pillowcase. Pickin's are usually slim at our Goodwills and we don't have many other thrift stores in town. I don't know why we don't get much vintage stuff coming through, maybe people just toss it thinking nobody would want it.

I have plans to turn this into a tote bag or purse. Isn't it just summerlicious?
***updated to add that this is from 2004, not an old piece at all. Didn't want anyone to think it was vintage. Still cute though.

This salad plate is from the Mikasa Natural Beauty collection, called Fresh From the Garden. They had a handful of matching(but plain) saucers and six dinner plates. I almost got them but we have a ton of my mom's Mikasa Stylecraft, Walnut Grove dinner plates that we rarely use. The kids and I almost always use a salad plate for our meals and saucers for our snacks.

This is one of four salad plates I got another time. They are my favorite of the two, wish I had a whole set. With these I'd use the dinner plates and all, I love them!

The girls found this lonely one and loved it, just a plain brown and green saucer, no label or anything on it. Dontcha love my proper-upper? Its a set of headphones.

I can't believe these espresso cups were there, aren't they adorable? There was another set in white with the words Espresso in cobalt blue, not nearly as cute, but I saw them in someone's shopping cart right before we checked out so I'm glad I nabbed them when I did!

And last but definitely not least! This was how I knew it was going to be a good day at Goodwill. I remembered(finally) that I wanted to find a chandelier to decorate and this was the first thing I laid my eyes on! My plan is to scuff it up good and spray paint it before decorating with some crystally beady things. I found one at Heather Bailey that is to die for but mine is a bit more formal and probably wouldn't look good in that shade of green(although I LOVE it for the one she's painted).

After spending a grand total of $15 at Goodwill, the girls and I went to Jake's for piggie bedding and then came home to eat and crash. Doggie still hasn't been spoken for but she's comfortably tied in the front yard with plenty of cool water and shade instead of in the miserable garage. We can't bring her in too often because she's obsessed with the guinea pigs and tries to get in their cages! If nobody claims her by next Thursday or Friday, I'll find a good home for her.
***updated again to say that we found the dog's owners and she's back with them! They live 5 houses down, how or why they didn't see our sign is a mystery. Nobody was home when we took her, a neighbor opened the gate and she ran right in. We're hoping they aren't out of town for a long time or something but we know where she belongs if she escapes again. Whew.

Guess that's all. Mark is on delivery to a place about 50 miles from here and he's taking Ryan and a buddy fishing tonight. I won't see him til after midnight, I'm sure. Guess the girls and I can watch a movie and play with Bevo for the last time. He's going to his forever home tomorrow with some HOMESCHOOLERS, yeaaaah!!!


Anet said...

Great day thrifting! I love the plates and the sheets are very sweet. I can't wait to see what the chandelier will look like when your done with it. I'll have to keep my eye out for one.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

So glad you found her owner. I love your Goodwill finds. The sheet and pillowcase are too sweet, and those mugs are very cool.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh yea, that will be easy to paint! Be sure to show me the results. :-)

Chickenbells said...

Lots of good news!! That bold floral fabric is LOVELY!!

Jeanne said...

I am catching up with some of your posts. I love this post. You are a girl after my own heart. Go Good Will! My favorite place to find fun things. Sadly, here in Franklin, NC
good will does not exist. We do have the Humane Society thrift store and it is pretty good.

Thrift finds, Oh happy day. Smile!