Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Exciting Day!

Late yesterday, one of the girls' friends came to spend the night so she could go to Park Day with us. So we went. That event wasn't too terribly exciting, nor was the decision to skip a very crowded Chik-fil-a and grab some fried calamari from the freezer at the grocery store. No, the excitement didn't start til we got to about 100 feet of our driveway. That's when we spotted our friendly neighborhood escape artist and her side kick, little old daschund man(I swear he's probably 20). I carried the groceries in while the girls captured the dogs but when I turned the key in the front door I heard barking from the other side. Our 4 dogs were in the house!!! Ack!! So, Ryan had to round them up before we could come in with the strays and food. Meanwhile, there was a wreck on our street but it was far enough down that someone else was helping out(it was just a fender bender as far as I could tell). Sigh, I could do without all this excitement, I'm tired!

Now we've eaten our fill of calamari and are starting in on the ice cream. We were invited to stay and swim when we take the friend home. Can't wait!

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Keetha said...

Today must be the day for excitement RIGHT AT HOME - - - a young mom whose blog I read was locked out by her little 2 year old son, who then promptly sat down to eat his breakfast, which he had until that point refused to do, and wouldn't let her in!!!

Hope the dogs left SOME remnant of your home still standing.