Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Mood...

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Just some real quick random stuff:

We are coming down the home stretch with the fence! Well, almost. Mark hasn't been able to leave work early like he had planned so we're only going to complete half of it before we go camping. But, we only have about 20 boards left to nail up and that will be done. Tomorrow is our homeschool park day, then I'm taking the girls to spend the night with their friend in another town.

I've decided to paint my computer desk to match the new shelf I got last weekend. The black is just what it needs and the desk will be the perfect compliment on the wall opposite the shelf in living room. I have the paint for the dining room light but since we're doing the fence in the evenings I haven't had time to get it sprayed yet. Hopefully next week, I can't wait to have it hanging!! My corner shelf and dining table are next on the paint list.

Mark's sister called yesterday. She had talked to their mom over the weekend(his sis's 50th b-day was Saturday) and had concerns about some things their mom had said. Basically, Mark's mom told his sister that their dad has been beating her and bruising her arms up. We've heard this before, and one Mark's aunts had even called about it a few months ago. Mark's mom is 80-something and suffers from dementia, probably Alzheimer's Disease. What happens is that she gets angry at her husband and physically attacks him. He grabs her arms to defend himself and it leaves bruises on her delicate old person skin. He has all of his senses, she does not and has not for a few years. We don't know what to do to help them, they are extremely stubborn,private, suspicious, and paranoid people(way more than the average older person, trust me). I have been reading online but haven't found an answer yet. Anyway, just one more thing we've got going on.


Anet said...

Painting your desk to match sounds great! I still can't wait to see the light finished!!!
I'm sorry to hear about the family troubles, it's so hard to watch your parents get old. My mom lives with me in a mothers-in-law apt. in our house. She is 82 and it's getting hard! She gets frustrated with her memory. I'm just glad she here with us. It's a little harder on me at times, taking care of the kids, mom and teaching part time and everything else.... There I go, feeling sorry for myself!

Chickenbells said...

Painting painting painting! How wonderful...I mean, when it finally gets all done right?

I will be looking forward to seeing the finished fence project...probably about as much as you're looking forward to it being done!

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry about your mother-in-law. We had an elderly relative with the same symptoms of paranoia and claiming abuse from her was always disturbing but was usually fleeting and within a few days she would be fine again. Hope you find answers that will work for you guys or at least help you to find peace with the situation.

I didn't know your mom lives with you guys!!! You do have a LOT on your shoulders......sounds very hard......and yet you still take time to care for your brother at times too......your kindness and giving nature is truly amazing. I don't know how you do it!