Monday, June 2, 2008

More Camping Pics...

Not sure I have time for a story though.

Sarah caught a fish! We didn't have the greatest fishing experience at Wright Patman Lake, not nearly as good as we thought. The boys went out several times and caught lots of fish but most of them were very small catfish(about 10 inches long or so). On a lake so big, it is hard to find the perfect spot.

This is the hill between our campsite and the boat ramp. I lost count on how many times the kids went up and down this monster! I only did it twice and that was plenty.

Our first time in the boat was Thursday afternoon, after we'd set up camp. This herron was completely ignoring us. They must've been having a convention or something because we probably saw 20 or more different ones.

Here is Sarah, about 2/3 of the way up the hill to our tents. The leaf litter was about a foot deep which made it very slippery to walk in. My feet are still aching from all the weird walking we did.

The majority of our campsite time looked like this.

Our neighboring campsite was home to several squirrels. We saw this guy trying to blend in with the scenery. Didn't work too well for him.

Today I'm working on decluttering our living room. Things have gotten stacked up again on the book shelves. I'd thinned them out a few weeks ago but didn't take the books to the garage like I should have. If I have time after all the cleaning, I plan to work on the binding for my Trip Around the World quilt(pic in my sidebar under unfinished section). While we were camping I read a cool book, Boost Your Creativity, by Robert Allen. It has advice and exercises to help with creative thinking. Most of the exercises were boring, I mean, if I sat there long enough I could probably do them but I didn't want to. There's a big part of me that doesn't understand doing something if I can't see the benefit. So, anyway, it did help me get a fire lit about finishing some projects and starting some others. I'm definitely thinking outside my box on these, can't wait to show them off!


Anet said...

Oh, the squirrel is precious! You know I'd love that picture!! You know camping doesn't look that bad!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

All your camping pics look like so much fun. But I know from experience that I'm not a camper. I'm ok till bedtime, then I want my bed.

Keetha said...

We LOVE camping - - - I'll be posting some pix after this weekend!! :-)