Friday, June 13, 2008


The wooly Ryan has finally been shorn! Here are two befores(both from April) and two afters from this afternoon. He isn't happy but I think he secretly likes that it isn't so hot and it won't take six hours to dry(his words). Amy and Sarah got trims(no pix) but I had to do some extra work on Amy's. For some reason they insist on leaving her with these tails hanging down on the sides. I've asked repeatedly for them to not do this but I guess they are programmed to do a certain hairstyle because it is "in". GRRRR. Anyway, I trimmed about an inch off the sides of hers, maybe, and now she's in a snit saying it is too short. TDB.

Anyway, here is Ryan:

In Other News....

We did finally raise the pool guy. He claims the liner is on back order. I don't know if we should believe him or not. It would seem that when he found that out from the maker, he would have called to let us know. Hmmmm. He told Mark that he would call the liner people and see when it will be ready to ship. Mark is going to call him again on Monday to follow up. This is getting stupid, he cashed the check on May 1st. At best he is extremely busy and so successful that he forgets to call people but I think he is just a bad businessman with very poor communication skills, very frustrating to deal with.

We also found out that we'll have to load up all the scraps from our fence replacement(posts, lattice and assorted boards) and haul them to the landfill ourselves(to the tune of $100 or so). Our city has stopped doing bulk trash if it includes any sort of boards or fencing. What is up with that you ask? Well, it seems all the lovely home builders had started putting their scrap lumber in piles and calling the city to come pick it up. Isn't that just lovely of them? They aren't residents of the homes they are building but expect the city to come get residential trash from homes that don't even have occupants yet. Its *so nice* that a bunch of jackasses ruin something nice for the majority of us who do things by the rules. And, we'll have at least one or two more loads from this weekend's fence project.

I can't remember if I posted this yet or not but if it rains and we can't do the fence, we're going to PAINT!! How many times have I said this? At least halfadozen. This time Mark is the one who mentioned getting it done. YEAAAH!!! The best thing is that I finally decided(haha-again) what I might do for our bed. I saw a picture in a magazine of a head and foot board similar to ours but they were painted a flat black. It looked soooo nice, very modern but very colonial at the same time. I haven't shown it to Mark yet but I think he'll love it since he likes our headboard.

I promise to have pictures of whatever we end up doing. We'll buy the fencing no matter what and put it in the garage if we can't work outside. I'm hoping we might get to do both.


Anet said...

Well Ryan looks much cooler but not too happy! I like long hair on boys if they keep it clean and out of their eyes. But in this hot weather, short is better!
Boy that pool man is a bummer. I hate when there's not much to do but wait on someone else to get things done! Well... don't work to hard tomorrow:)

Keetha said...

Ryan looks so handsome with the hair cut it makes one wonder why he ever wanted it long - - - - but I'm not surprised, my own son and MANY of my students at school grow theirs out JUST LIKE THAT - - - and they ALL look better once they submit to the scissors!!!!

Good job, mom!

Chickenbells said...

The boy looks good! Although, I'm loving the not so happy no smile face...why must they "suffer" so at that age? I am trying to think back, and I just can't remember...LOL!

I am happy that you finally got to talk to the pool guy...I hope that gets resolved soon. I'm sorry you have to haul that crap yourself! Not fair...