Friday, June 27, 2008

And I Am Now**...

I am green tea, iced, Sara Lee and Frito Lay.
I am stained carpet and unmade bed, crumbs on the counter and animals on the couch.
I am thrift seeker and sometimes finder.

I am dog-hole yard, unkept lawn and falling down fence.
I am flower gardens and mosquito shade.
I am a kitty person.

I am real Christmas trees and hand-made ornaments.
I am broccoli-rice casserole and ranch dip with chips.
I am simple traditions and relaxed celebrations.
I am brownies instead of birthday cake.

I am lazy with laundry, creative with dinner, and feed the kids when they're hungry but never at the table.
I am chicken fajitas, homemade pizzas and sausage spaghetti sauce.

I am blessed with precious children and a selfless soulmate.
I am homeschool mom and stray dog rescuer, guinea pig advocate and towel gatherer.
I am crafting til bedtime and avid inspiration hunter.
I am soft music and low lights and quilt maker.

I am Christian but not churched, continually in His presence and see Him in everything.
I am curious, awed, and interested, that's how God made me.

I am satisfied and calm. I am sure and happy.

** I came up with this one to express that just because we *are from* something doesn't me we are that now. Answers, of course, are likely to be different 5 years(maybe even 5 weeks, days or even hours from now) from now because we are in a constant state of growth and change.


Anet said...

Molly, how clever to do a I am now** I love it! I am a famous towel gatherer myself!:)

Keetha said...

Nice combination of words here, Miss Texas Tea!!

She sure is strange! said...

You may certainly do one too Anet!

Keetha, thank you! Sometimes, as a sahm, I feel very uncreative at times(ok, most times). It is nice to feel otherwise occasionally!


Sharon said...

What a great post! After reading "I am from" on Anet's blog I was going to give it a try but where "I am from" is so far removed from "who I am now" I just couldn't do it. This was a great way to complete the circle.

I LOVE your comment about being a "Christian but not churched". So often spirituality and religious institutions get confused.

Chickenbells said...

Oh yes...all that good change!! How wonderful of you to honor that as well...